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Hey. We're workpin.

hybrid culture
co-location platform

We build experiences, tools and tech that bring remote teams together.

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Our mission is to create real connections in a remote world.

The future of work is remote. But building company culture via digital tools won't cut it in the war for talent.

That's why we're building a unique co-location platform that brings remote teams together IRL for watercooler rituals, meetings, coworking and events — all without ever needing to set foot in a grey office block ever again.

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Our secret sauce +
The co-location platform

The co-locatin Platform
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Group-location-interest clustering

We correlate location and interest to recommend activities that are close by and fun for as many teammates as possible

workplace work vibe matching

Space-people-outcome matching

Our algorithms match workplaces and activities to your people's unique psychology

meeting scheduling

3D space-time scheduling

Our tech models an intersection between availability and location to calculate the most convenient time and place to meet

Our people.

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CEO, Co-Founder

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CTO, Co-Founder




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Your people want to work from anywhere but still crave in-person connection and collaboration.

The office is obsolete.
Long live IRL.


61% of executives plan to downsize their offices

(PwC 2020)


of talent would like the continued option to choose where they work

(Cisco, 2020)


67% crave more in-person work and collaboration

(Microsoft, 2021)


45% of remote workers miss social interactions the most

(Twingate, 2020)


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