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Build the perfect
people engagement in real life


Build better belonging

Give individuals the feeling of being part of something bigger and help to build strong social ties together


Co-create community

Empower your employees to take charge. Let them create, manage and join own events and activities

Talent Retention.jpg

Increase talent gravity

Stronger social ties and better engagement lead to hard ROI: Better talent retention (up to 20%)


Build better belonging


Give real-life belonging

Give your employees the feeling that they are not alone. Then, nudge them to leave their homes and meet in real life.

Notifications if team-mates are nearby

Showcase team socials and company events

Visibility on who is working from where

Instant team engagement

Focus your energy on your people, on understanding them and interacting with them - not on organising events: Let our end-to-end engagement assistant handle all the admin for you

Expert recommendations for venues and experiences

Event templates and content catalogue

Invites, RSVPS, tickets, & calendar integration

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Connect anywhere.jpg

Connect anywhere

Free your people and provide the same experience of real-life belonging anywhere in the world. We give you access to a global set of highly curated social venues appropriate for colleagues to meet

5,000+ venues for your teams to meet up

Curated by our people experience experts

Cafes, Coworking, Pubs, Walking Routes


Co-create community


Empower social co-creation

The best community is built when participants have a sense of ownership. Empower your team to create their own events and feel proud of the experience offered to all employees.

Easier than a video call: Intuitive event creation with 1 click

Event templates and content catalogue

Pre-set guidelines managed by HR

Encourage meaningful IRL collisions

Use the social media playbook and turn it on its head: Instead of gluing users to stay on screens as long as possible, we’ve reverse engineered social nudges to encourage your employees to leave their homes and meet as many of their colleagues as possible.

UX focus on team-activities over individual actions

Core action of every event is to invite more people

Accepting invitations is as easy as calendar RSVPs

Rituals new.jpg

Connect across silos

Scale that magical interaction by the watercooler and turn it meaningful. We’ve built “Recurring Rituals” as super-connector to connect your employees on a weekly basis

Weekly matchmaking based on interests and organisational distance

4 recurring activities to meet matches in real life

Auto-scheduling based on matches locations


Retain talent

Talent Retention.jpg

Talent Gravity
with social ties

Social ties within a company are one of the strongest predictor for a good employee retention. They are one of the most fundamental soft factors for any employee to feel happy at work.

High connection scores increase employee engagement by up to 40% (source)

84% of employees crave more real-life connections at work (source)

Mental Health

Mental health and burnouts are predicted to be the next big epidemic. Disconnection of remote work will fuel this problem further. It should be every company’s priority to address it:

3 in 5 employees feel lonely at work when working remotely (source)

Loneliness is associated with an increased risk of depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, personality disorders, and suicide (source)

Social connections at work are one of the top remedies for loneliness (source)

Mental health viz.jpg
Retention numbers.jpg

The highest retention drivers

The great paradox of hybrid work is that, although people are aware of the downsides of isolation of remote work, the freedom and benefits of flexibility still outweigh the negatives for individuals:

21% left their jobs because a lack of flexible work (source)

Flexibility is the most important perk for Gen Y and Gen Z, by far (source)

Lack of Engagement is the most common reason why Gen Y and Z would leave their job (source)

53% of employees are more likely to prioritize wellbeing over work (source)

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