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Build  belonging
& community experiences anywhere


Scale your sales, for free

Put your services in front of our vast network and access insights to help you understand how your offering sits within the market. We won't take a cut of your sales—our model is designed in a different way.

Flexible office and co-working sales
Nexudus, OfficeRnD, Cobot integration

No extra admin,
99% automation

Your team on the ground should have zero extra admin. We'll integrate with tools you're already using and manage 99% of the customer journey—from booking to on-boarding and through to invoicing. All you need to do is provide your service.

Strengthen your community

We're here to foster, not disrupt, your community. We recommend spaces and services based on vibe and preference to make sure you're reaching your people. Access tools and support to help nurture your own customer community.

Matching people preferences to co-working vibe
co-working platform for own members

Offer to your members

As Founding Partner you will be able to offer workpin to your own members. Give them the same perks, the same access plus customise the UI and integrate your own systems, such as as physical check-in for walk-ins.


Become a

Will you be part of the future of work for thousands of users in your city?

Congrats! 🥳 You're on the waitlist. We'll be in touch ASAP

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