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Build the best workplace,
in the office and beyond.

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Improve usability

Better visibility, availability, and utilisation of your office that auto-adapts to your people’s needs

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Encourage collisions

Improve the best part of the office: create a super social experience that fosters collaboration

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Rightsize cost

Cut up to 70% costs of your real estate, risk free. - Thanks to scaling into flex offerings on-demand.


Improve visibility & usability

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Desirable on-demand experiences

Forget mandatory return-to-office policies. Turn your workplaces into social campfire experiences that prioritise in-person collisions over grey cubicles

Social room and desk booking

Workplace and team discovery map

Water-cooler collisions built in

Make any resource bookable

Your workplace doesn’t stop at desks. Unify all employee services into one intuitive user experience. From parking, to IT support, to lunch perks – your people should be able to discover and book your services easily


Pool-cars, Collaboration equipment, IT…


Nearby perks at cafes


Fully integrated collaboration

Make your workplace accessible in whatever tool your people work best. All of your core workplace functionality is at your people’s fingertips as app, in the browser, and all major collaboration tools

Chat integrations: Webex, Teams, Slack

Calendars: Outlook, Google

One experience
anywhere globally

Free your experience and provide the same feeling of belonging anywhere in the world by accessing flex day offices and meeting rooms anywhere in the world

5,000+ venues for your teams to meet up

Curated by our experience experts

Automatic filters when own HQ is in region


Encourage collisions & collaboration



Make your workplace people-first: Our AI auto-books seats in proximity to your desired team with one tap - no desk-booking needed:

Auto-book for teams to sit together

Auto-assign multiple groups to be in proximity

Multi-venue bookings based on team locations

Harness the social context

The number one reason for people to travel and commute is to spend time together in social settings. Harness the power of social events to encourage people to come into your offices

Highlight social events close to the office

Auto-events within your office’s social spaces

“Upsell” the office when people meet to socialise

Social Events.jpg

Reduce cost, risk free.

Cost Savings.jpg


Easily predict office demand based on your people’s real usage and rightsize owned real estate to cater to utilisation rates close to 100%

Analyse real usage data and build automated usage predictions

No risk of over-demand, thanks to overflow protection


Never worry about expansion plans or falsely predicting long-term office demand again. Automatically enable overflow to nearby flex offices and coworking spaces if your HQ utilisation hits 100% on any given day

Access to 5,000+ coworking venues globally

100% on-demand and usage based billing

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Automated permission settings based on HQ utilisation

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