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The future of work is flexible

Connect your team in real life.

Company culture employee experience
Company culture events
Company culture employee experience

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The world's first real-life employee connections app.

Build a remote team culture that connects your team members for in-person chats, events and work sessions.


Choice to meet & work anywhere

Give access to thousands of meeting opportunities:  Coworking, Coffee Breaks, Lunches, Happy Hours

Our location intelligence recommends workplaces  to your team's work-vibe preferences and that have the shortest commute time.

Skip the admin and let everyone book instantly through our platform — we'll only send you one, all-inclusive bill at the end of each month.

Convenient co-working and team meetings
Instant Team Meetings

Instant team co-location

Set up a meeting or organise an IRL coworking session as quickly and easily as you'd book a video call. Our location intelligence will suggest workplaces that have the shortest commute for the entire team.

One-click culture moments

Make it as easy and intuitive for your team to create social rituals, like having a coffee break, as it would be in the office. Plan team events and activities that inspire and get the best out of everyone, using our tools, event templates, and experience catalogue.

Employee Experience event templates
Company perks and benefits

Give the perfect perks

Give your people access to a range of services and perks through our partner platform, including professional learning and development, wellbeing, and more — that are recommended according to their location and interests.

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The best team culture you’ve ever had

Keep your team connected, engaged, and motivated — no office needed.

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Build a culture that motivates, enhances, and retains top talent

workpin is projected to:


Increase Employee NPS in locations with workpin


Increase team performance and output


Prefer workpin over any other form of workplace

Streamline your operations


Reduce your currently unredutilised
office footprint


Shift budget to culture and still make
cost savings


All the while measurably
improve productivity

workpin is projected to:



Keep your team connected, engaged, and motivated.

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