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What's your dealbreaker? 

Join the workplace revolution in saying no to toxic workplaces

What would it take for you to quit a toxic job? 

The Great Resignation is here and more talent finally have the leverage to walk away from bad bosses and workplaces. Presenteeism? Bye! Fear and bullying at work? No thanks!


It’s a chance to start fresh: to draw a clear line between what we won’t put up with anymore and what we want the future of work to look like. 


Here and now, we’re drawing that line. 


We’ve collected stories of people’s dealbreakers in quitting their jobs to make a clear statement of workplace traits and cultures we’re leaving behind. 


It’s the workplace revolution of our generation. You in?

#MyDealbreaker is...

Share your story on LinkedIn using the #MyDealbreaker

We believe that people should get to decide how they work. 

This is the vision of the future we're working towards at workpin: one where remote and hybrid work is human, connected, and works best for the people that do it. 

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