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Our founders

Daniel Schulz,

CEO and Co-Founder

With a creative background, Dan has worked “completely all over the place” — from political campaigning to PR, and eventually to HERE Technologies, where he moved from creating pitch decks for the C-suite to building their long-term brand and corporate strategy.

This taught him how to strategically set up complex deep-tech stacks, how to sell those platforms to large B2B companies and how to perfectly pitch to investors and other stakeholders. Dan realised that instead of selling other people’s ideas, he wanted to create his own; he wanted to come up with something new that had real value for people.

So, he moved to London, to get into the city’s ecosystem of creators and startup scene. Once there, he worked as a one-man-consulting firm for two and a half years while mulling over various iterations of different ideas.

When the pandemic struck, it set a chain of events into motion that would eventually lead to the lightbulb moment for workpin.

Dan is a realistic idealist, who gets excited about creating things that solve people’s problems.

Simon Madine,

CTO and Co-Founder

Self-described as someone who has a low threshold for boredom and builds stuff, Simon has over 10 years’ experience working in deep location technology and map applications, having previously worked at Nokia and HERE Technologies.

His focus is using maps and location information in ways that make people’s lives better, whether suggesting places they could go for lunch or helping to track a rogue parcel.

At his old corporate job, Simon organised public tech talks and did what he dubs “developer evangelism,” because he wanted his work to be making value for people rather than just improving the figures on someone’s spreadsheet. He built a few applications focused on things people could do nearby on their lunch hour, and even had an idea to rent out retired police boxes in Edinburgh as coworking spaces.

workpin is the natural culmination of all of those ideas — using location information and mapping to make real-life coworking easy for remote teammates.

Dan and Simon agree that Simon is the funny one.

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