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Test Automation QA

You're the kind of person that will want to automate any task you have to do more than once.


We have a relatively straightforward frontend and backend code base but we're moving so quickly that we really can't afford to not test. We have some automated coverage but need more. Hopefully, you're the kind of person who sees that as an opportunity to design test plans, map out user journeys and break things in the best possible way.


Additionally, you've got the kind of QA mindset that tries to use a JPG as a username or uploads an EXE as an avatar image.


We rely on a lot of 3rd party systems so you'll occasionally need to turn your hand to creating tests against our upstreams.


In a good agile team, everyone is responsible for the quality of the product but you will be the expert giving the devs advice on how to create the right tests, highlighting which things are worth testing and which aren't.


  • Automating API, integration, E2E, UI tests

  • Owning (along with everyone else on the team) the quality of the product from idea through development, deployment to end user

  • Planning test strategies that keep the product development moving smoothly while supporting quick iterations and sudden changes in development focus

  • Being the expert in product quality from the user's point of view (critical eye, willing to question unintuitive things).





  • NodeJS

  • TypeScript

  • Nest.JS

  • GraphQL

  • PostGIS

  • Jest

  • Vue3

  • Vite

  • TypeScript

  • Storybook

  • Cypress

  • Apollo


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