Remote culture
in the real world

Remote and hybrid work are here to stay — but this shouldn’t mean goodbye to IRL relationships and interactions with teammates

The hybrid workplace OS

Real world culture for hybrid teams

We combine culture and collaboration tools with on-demand workspace. Using AI and social mapping, we turn digital conversations into real interactions in physical spaces. Interactions that are more human, more serendipitous, and simply better – as convenient as booking a video call.


For stronger culture
and community

Culture moments: Do what the office did, just better. Facilitate human interaction and community events at all times.

Purposeful serendipity: Create rituals and nudge people to connect with each other just like they would at your watercooler.

Wellbeing AI: Our data analytics detect what your teams need to feel better, and connect you to suitable wellbeing perks you can offer automatically.


Teams and co-location
at the core

Teams, not individuals: We built every interaction to bring people together. Automatically coordinating team meetings and individuals' co-location.

Minimal commutes: Using real-time predictive location services you can make sure to have the shortest team commute for any meeting.

Productivity AI: Our space-matching algorithms understand what space is best for your team's work outcomes and suggest the best location.


On-demand workspaces
across the city

Walking distance: Access hundreds of workspaces across the entire city. So, wherever your people live, your office will always be in walking distance.

Choice: Give the choice to work in any work-vibe that is best for an individual's preferences, work goals and daily moods.

Convenience AI: Our space-matching algorithms make the process as quick and convenient as being in one building – just more productive.


The secret sauce

Applied Space AI

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Our mission

making workplace more human, more accessible, more convenient, more collaborative and better for wellbeing. In turn, make people more productive, so we can all focus more on what really matters: Life.