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The experience platform
to bring people together for real-world interactions

Find your people

See where your people are and join their activities.


Join weekly activities, meet new likeminded people.

Instant Meetups

One tap and we find the best place for people to travel to.

All-in-one Bookings

Reservation, payment, social experiences - all inclusive.

Friends colliding in real life

For friends

The real-life social app to meetup with your friends or make new connections

Colleagues colliding in real life

For companies

The people experience app that creates better workplaces and employee engagement

Community colliding in real life

For social clubs

The concierge to connect members and build community anywhere

in real life.

Real communities
Turn your company into a close-knit social community

Create belonging by showing who’s nearby and keen for colleagues to join

Automatically match people across team divides for Out-of-home Rituals ©

Give purpose with conversation starters and prompts for culture building exercises

Meetups anywhere
5,000+ places matched by meeting vibe and outcome

Curated by our experience experts

Work: Desks, Meeting Rooms & Offices

Play: Cafes, Bars, Pubs and Walking routes

Add your own office and desk booking

Team planner
The end-to-end assistant for all team meetups and bookings

Expert recommender for team experiences based on locations, preferences and desired outcomes

All admin handled for you: invites, RSVPS, tickets, & automatic calendar integration

Social calendar shared by the team

1-click invites and joining

Co-Location magic
Face-to-face meetups are better and
now easier than booking a video call

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