A hybrid employee experience that connects your people face-to-face, less office needed.

coworking meeting

workpin’s co-location platform brings your team together for in-person chats, events and work sessions. Because team culture just isn’t the same via screens.


Build team culture using the power of in-person

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Create spontaneous social moments

Instant in-person coffee breaks, watercooler moments, and more

Our Co-Location AI:

Get your team together face-to-face, in less than 3 clicks

Select your team

Choose activity

Get together

We make face-to-face team building easy

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Collaborate and cowork face-to-face

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Match your teammates to create social moments

Instantly organise whole-team events and activities


£0 ppm

For small remote teams that need on-demand meetings.

Culture Pro

£6.99 ppm

Best for medium-sized hybrid and remote teams building consistent real-life culture

Platform Plus

£15.99 ppm

Ideal for large teams in need of a customised and integrated employee experience

LImited offer for Founding Partners

Our mission is to create
real connections
in a remote world

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For people

Build the ideal work life. Decide when, where, how, and with whom you'd like to work

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For companies

Build a human, connected culture by bringing your remote team together IRL

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For partners

Access our network of remote teams to scale your space and services

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